Chair's Corner

Dr. Hurt updates you on The Mutual and urges you to vote your proxy for the Annual Meeting

By Catherine M. Hurt, MD

Dear Mutual Policyholders,

It is my great pleasure, as Chair of The Mutual RRG, Inc.’s Board of Directors, to tell you about The Mutual’s continuing effective support of Vituity and your medical practice over the past year and The Mutual’s upcoming Annual Meeting on May 14.

The Mutual and Vituity

Where Vituity Goes, So Goes The Mutual

The Mutual insures the professional liability for a majority of the partners and employees of Vituity. In support of Vituity’s expansion and strategic plan, The Mutual insures physicians and advanced providers in 9 practice lines (emergency medicine, hospitalist medicine, ambulatory urgent care, skilled nursing, intensive medicine, anesthesiology, neurology, psychiatry and telehealth), in 12 states (Arizona, California, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Georgia and Washington) and Washington, D.C.; The Mutual reinsures the professional liability insurance for Vituity physicians and advanced providers in Kansas and Pennsylvania.

Patient Safety

With Mark Spiro, MD, at the helm as CMO of The Mutual, and in collaboration with Renee Bernard, JD, The Mutual’s recently hired Vice President, Patient Safety & Risk Management, The Mutual works closely with Vituity’s CMO, Director of Risk, hospital risk managers and shareholders of The Mutual to address Patient Safety across all of Vituity’s practice lines. This team has developed many safety programs in collaboration that are presented by The Mutual and Vituity. We welcome your suggestions for additional Patient Safety efforts and for improvement of existing programs.

Lawsuits and Claims

Consistent with its Mission and Strategic Plan, The Mutual vigorously represents the interests and advances strong defenses for those of you who have been and are involved in medical negligence claims and Medical Board actions. As practicing physicians, the doctors on The Mutual’s Board empathize with our colleagues involved in those matters. We are well aware of the burdens of litigation and do our utmost to mitigate them for you. We have been gratified to hear from many of you regarding the strong expertise and support you’ve received from the lawyers on The Mutual’s defense panel, claims staff and from Dr. Spiro, who, in his capacity as The Mutual’s CMO, contacts every insured who is named in a lawsuit to determine whether there is anything we can do to assist in a manner that enables our insureds to continue to practice medicine with confidence and peace of mind.

Annual Meeting

Please Vote Between March 19 and May 10

We are responsive to the needs and wishes of our insureds not only because we too practice medicine and understand the rigors, but also because similar to Vituity, The Mutual’s insureds are its owners. That is particularly germane at this time of year as we prepare for The Mutual’s Annual Meeting on May 14.As an owner, you have a right to vote at The Mutual’s Annual Meeting, and on behalf of the Board, I ask that you do so as soon as reasonably possible. You will receive voting instructions by mail on March 19 and you may vote any time between March 19 and May 10, but we ask that you do so soon so we can be certain The Mutual has the necessary quorum to continue its operations.

Election of Directors

Your proxy this year has one subject—voting for election of the following Directors:

  • Catherine Hurt, MD
  • Marc Levsky, MD
  • Brian Rhee, MD
  • Ron Neupauer
  • Michael Harrington
  • Victor Adamo
  • Seth Thomas, MD
  • Kelli Westcott, MD

Like you, Marc Levsky, Brian Rhee, Seth Thomas, Kelli Westcott and I are Vituity partners, practicing medicine right along with you. Because of that, we believe we understand your professional liability insurance needs and it is our pleasure and privilege to represent your interests in that regard. Ron Neupauer and Vic Adamo are insurance professionals, having been Presidents of successful medical professional liability insurers; Ron was CEO of MIEC, a California physician-owned professional liability insurer, and Vic was President of ProAssurance, a national, publicly traded professional liability insurer. All of you know Mike Harrington, CEO of Vituity Practice Management; Mike makes certain The Mutual’s Board understands and supports Vituity’s Mission and Strategic Plan, thus enabling the Board to fulfill its commitment to support Vituity and further Vituity’s and your interests.

We hope the process of insuring your professional liability is seamless. If there is anything we can do to improve your experience with The Mutual, please do let one of us know.

With highest regards for the care you provide every day,

Katie Hurt, MD
Chair of the Board
The Mutual, RRG