Facing a claim? You can count on us.

Dealing with a medical liability claim is never easy: The experience involves difficult emotional, financial and scheduling challenges. It can feel as though your professional reputation and career future are on the line.

At The Mutual, we are a loyal and constant ally to our insureds as they weather the litigation storm. We work with our insureds to obtain the best possible outcomes. We never will settle a case without physician consent.

If you are named in a lawsuit, we pledge to:
  • Investigate the claim thoroughly before deciding how to proceed.
  • Provide you with an outstanding defense attorney highly experienced in litigating medical professional liability cases.
  • Consult with you to develop the strongest possible defense strategy.
  • Provide you with a dedicated claims specialist who will support you from start to finish.
  • Select expert witnesses with the highest qualities and reputation.
  • Keep you posted about all significant developments.
  • Prepare you to be your own best advocate during depositions and at trial.
  • Dedicate resources to help you cope with the stress of being sued.
Track Record of Success
  • We specialize in emergency and acute care coverages and deliver the best focused defense for all our insureds.
  • Of all claims against our insureds, approximately 93% close without payment of indemnification to the plaintiff.
  • Our track record, coupled with our commitment to our insureds, can give you the peace of mind you need as a practicing emergency or acute care physician or healthcare provider.

If you are a current Mutual insured facing a potential or actual claim please contact the Claims Department.