Why The Mutual?

Company Profile

The Mutual provides medical professional liability insurance for providers across the acute care continuum in over 15 states.

The Mutual is committed to remaining true to its core principles of providing broad insurance coverage, developing focused and effective patient safety programs in collaboration with our insureds and defending our insureds vigorously, while responding fairly to all claims.

The Mutual is rated A (Excellent) with a Stable Outlook by A.M. Best & Co., the nation's premier insurance company financial rating organization. The Mutual has grown in financial strength each year it has been in operation.

Our Mission Is:

  • To offer the highest quality, affordable insurance services to our insureds in the health care field.
  • To promote excellence in the daily practices of our insureds by offering innovative risk management and consultative services.
  • To maintain a working environment for our employees that fosters a culture of respect and continued professional development.
  • To conduct our business in a prudent and ethical manner.
  • To promote financial stability and growth of the company.

Our Core Values

  • Individualized Underwriting.
  • Comprehensive, insured-specific patient safety/risk management services.
  • Thorough investigation and aggressive defense of all claims and prompt, fair resolution of claims with merit.
  • Judicious, responsible financial strength and stability.

Reasons to Join The Mutual

  • Our insurance coverage can be tailored to meet your specific needs.
  • We investigate and defend all claims aggressively and effectively with the industry’s most experienced, seasoned litigators and claims personnel.
  • Our Risk Management programs have been proven effective.
  • In recognition of the impact of litigation on the defendant’s family, we offer a Litigation Stress Retreat for physicians involved in litigation that is open to the physician’s family.
  • Our premiums are competitive.
  • We offer practice support in the form of discounts on PEPID.

Who is Eligible

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The Mutual welcomes emergency medicine and acute care specialist groups, along with their individual physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to apply for coverage with The Mutual.


Coverage Options

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We deliver innovative coverage solutions.

As an organization founded and owned by physicians, we are closely aligned with our insureds' practice needs in the changing healthcare environment. We rely on our extensive experience to develop claim based patient safety/risk management programs and services and deliver innovative coverage solutions.

When it comes to protecting you, your livelihood and your reputation, we are your loyal and effective ally.

Medical Professional Liability Coverage for Medical Groups, Physicians, Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners

We offer broad insurance coverage, including coverage for professional liability, professional committee activities, disciplinary actions and medical expense.

To the extent specific coverages are required, we develop endorsements to our base policy to suit our insureds' needs.